Beautiful (but cold!) Tokyo

Spent this past weekend in Tokyo, and it was freezing! The cold weather made touring at night pretty difficult, but we and our very nice friends from Chiba went out and braved the cold anyway. On our last night in Tokyo, we went to the Tokyo tower, where I took this shot. Normally, the tower […]

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In Japan Again

Canon S90 6mm f/2.0 ISO160 1/30 Second (JPEG) Well, seems like we were just here, but we’re back in Japan. First stop is Tokyo. After a loooooong flight on JAL, we arrived at Narita airport late this evening. We are absolutely exhausted! So here are a quick couple of images I took coming right out […]

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More Memories of Japan

Yummmmmm. The dessert above is a mango sorbet, which was a perfect finish to the Sushi and Shabu Shabu dinner we had with friends at a restaurant in the Gion area of Kyoto, Japan.  I never saw the bill for this meal, or any meal for that matter during our stay with our hosts. My […]

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My First Model Shoot

Man, I scored a gig with an awesome and beautiful model yesterday by the name of Barbie. Have you heard of her? Ok, what really happened was that the weather was terrible for the city and landscape photography I planned for last night. But the photography bug bites in all weather conditions, so I had […]

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Japanese Rail

From my archives, a couple photos that sparked memories of riding the rail system in Japan. I live in a city where you’re not sure if your bus will come at all let alone be on time. Japan Rail trains run with ridiculous reliability and timeliness. If the train is supposed to get there at […]

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My photography

I’ve been wanting to create blog just for my photography for some time now.  While I have enjoyed sharing photos on sites like flickr, I’ve created this blog mainly for myself; to track my progress and give the fruits of my hobby a home.  I randomly chose this shot I took with my Lumix Lx3 […]

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