Fuji Classic Chrome

The rain has been keeping us mostly indoors for the last few days, but between the much needed showers in California, I found some time to chase Suki around using Fuji’s new Classic Chrome setting on the X100T. Some of the results actually remind me of the last roll of Portra I ran through my M3:

Fuji X100T

15 thoughts on “Fuji Classic Chrome

    1. I probably need a little more time with this thing, but I wouldn’t call it a huge upgrade from the already excellent X100S. I’ve seen some new X100S cameras on sale for around $849, so if you want most of the experience at a much better price, the S might be the way to go. I’m thinking Fuji will send out a firmware update on the X100S that will probably give it some of the T’s extra features anyway (Classic Chrome, 1/32000 Electronic shutter etc).

  1. Love the Fuji colours, and missing them terribly after I broke my X10 😦 That Wifi feature on the new models looks great, especially when combined with the portable printer, very handy for quickly editing a photo on the go and printing it on the spot to offer to people if you’re taking their photo.

    1. The wifi function totally rocks. I’ve tried the NFC/Wifi functions on most of the other manufacturers and Fuji’s implementation is easily the best. If you love the X10 you should check out the new X30! I might be getting my hands on one of those soon.

      1. It’s tempting alright as I loved not having to lug the SLR around. Also looking at the Sony RX100 which is even smaller again and looks to do great video. Will stick with the Canon and iPhone for now 🙂

  2. Hello Jonathan, first off I wanted to congratulate you for your amazing work. Really interesting. Secondly, Suki looks adorable !!! Definitely like the pictures. It takes one to know one (I too have a dog). Lastly, I just jumped in the Fuji X world and ordered an X100T (to arrive next week). I love the color profiles you use for your jpegs. I noticed you used on your original X100 the following settings:

    Film Sim: Astia
    Dynamic Range: Auto
    Color: High
    Sharpness: Hard
    Highlight Tone: M-Hard
    Shadow Tone: M-Hard
    Noise Reduction: M-Low
    White Balance: Auto
    WB Shift: +2 Red, -2 Yellow

    How different would that be on your Fuji X100T. Again, I am relying on your experience as your years ahead of me. Thank you so much for sharing.

    All the best

  3. Hello Again, I just received my X100T! Hooray !!! I am testing it. I have a feeling the settings above work quite well depending on the light situation.
    Regarding the WB shift, I have made a few adjustments which I like: +1 Red, -1 Yellow (= +1 Blue).
    I will have to keep experimenting to know if this setting is a keeper.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for visiting. I’ve noticed it’s good to shift the AF a little warmer when shooting Classic Chrome in shade or on cloudy days. As far as those older settings, I haven’t actually tried them on the X100T yet. Besides trimming the white balance here and there to taste, I’ve been leaving it at default. Hope you’re enjoying the X100T!

      1. Thank you for your input. I am enjoying the X100T for sure. I am still in the learning phase but it is a lot of fun.

  4. Nice blog. Very nice images and kodachrome rendering. I could not justify spending money on X100T while having a perfectly working and new X100S. And not after what i managed to get as Kodachrome from the X100S – have been working on this for years ! Uploading some shortly on my blog here – come and see ..

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